Winter 2020 Newsletter

I wrote my last newsletter in August and on re-read it was quite optimistic despite the best attempts by the Pandemic. My original attitude was to keep planning activities as things wouldn’t last too long ….well I was wrong there! My current mindset is “start planning again – this could go on forever!!

As such, and perhaps a little unseasonally, I have resumed walks and even campouts, albeit under some frustrating social restrictions. On this I’m as confused as anybody – especially as my activities tick the boxes for being both “exercise” and “educational”, which means I may legally host differing numbers of people! Although the late Autumn and Winter months can present more of a challenge for rambling and spotting nature, it really is still worthwhile getting out there – you can still get some great scenery both early morning till late evening as the following pics illustrate.

Whilst continuing with activities focussed on wildlife, foraging, bushcraft etc, I am, as promised, developing a full program of walks and activities geared towards the great outdoors and wellbeing. My emphasis is on preserving and enhancing robust mental health rather than claiming to treat established conditions. It is a rather critical time for so many due to the impact of Covid: the stats are suggesting a 30% rise in numbers of people suffering from anxiety, depression or relationship breakdowns, and this doesn’t even take into account those who are feeling hopeless, fed-up and frustrated. Perhaps fortunately, nature, wilderness, call it what you will, can and always does provide a tangible therapy – proven by science. In fact some Doctors are now prescribing it!

I’m likely to be throwing up the best part of a year long plan in one hit soon – just because it seems the only way to plan right now. Please keep your eye on the website and do please sign up for the Newsletter – you won’t be bombarded with anything, least of all hard sells! Lastly, I’m always open to requests or suggestions from you if you need something more individual or bespoke!

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