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For me, “Spring” is definitely here now: we might not have experienced a traditional cold winter as yet, but it’s all about day length. Buds are breaking, resident birds are singing and nesting, spring flowers are showing and a few sheltered ponds are awash with frogs’ spawn. A wonderful time of year so, please, get out there and enjoy it!!

The next two Jonnie Taylor “Special Event” hikes are live and ready to buy if you need some inspiration. The first hike is on March 12th and is in conjunction with Explorers Connect – a great organisation with a mouthwatering selection of activities available.

Our hike will celebrate the dusk as we move into night time and hike through some extraordinary, and very rare, countryside. We will be at a high point in what is, ironically, classed as Lowland Heath. Setting off at 4.30pm from the railway station and returning back at 9.30pm we’ll be able to savour the sights, sounds and smells of night and, hopefully, find time to visit a pub for a little refreshment between times! There are just a few places available now so please act quickly if you fancy this hike – it’s just £20 per person! Please follow this link: http://jonnietaylor.com/explorers-connect/

One of the iconic signs of Spring is to see gambolling lambs in green pastures. But, how many people ever get the chance to see the ewes giving birth to these lambs?

This Jonnie Taylor Special Event hike could make that possible for you! On Saturday 19th March, we will meet at 4pm at Haslemere railway Station. From here we will take a 3 hour hike across beautiful countryside with great views until we reach Prestwick Farm ( http://www.prestwickfarm.co.uk/ ). I worked here as Night Duty shepherd for many years and will give you a blow by blow account of what is going on as well view the expectant ewes which are housed on deep-bed straw in a well lit barn, you may witness a birth or two and will have the opportunity to meet the “orphans” which is always fun (bring your camera!!) After our Lambing Experience, we will head back to Haslemere taking a shorter but still beautiful walk – I will ensure that despite being nightime you will have plenty to see and hear! We will get back to Haslemere around 9.30pm and then decide whether to disembark or maybe take a little refreshment in one of the town’s pubs! Note – because of contact with pregnant ewes this event is not suitable for expectant mums!
This really is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many, and can be bought for just £20 per person – book now to secure your place by clicking the button below:

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