Spring 2018

Well, I promised that I wouldn’t bombard inboxes with newsletters! My updates tend to be on my Facebook page – only because I can actually master uploading of text and pictures!! However, I recognise that my website needs to improve and stay up to date – so here goes!

Spring 2018 has been conventional: migrants birds have arrived back “on time” and spring flowers also bloomed in accordance with the field guides. I put this down to having had a wet, dull and chilly winter – no long cold snaps nor warm spells. I’ve led some lovely walks to celebrate Spring and have seen nature building for the breeding season: birdsong aplenty, fine blossoms and, currently, active Roe Deer heading towards birthing time and then their “rut” which follows soon afterwards.

So what’s been going on at Jonnie Taylor Walks and Country Activities? I’m a big believer in working co-operatively and I’m enjoying developing this: I have run a couple of jaunts with The Crafty Workshop at Shillinglee (https://www.facebook.com/craftforeveryone/ ) many of our clients enjoy both the countryside and country skills and crafts and so it has proved on our Dawn and Dusk country walks – we also have plans to run an artists’ charcoal day, and some culinary focused workshops using the fruits of the countryside.

I am also working with the local National Trust establishments – especially at gorgeous Winkworth Arboretum. I have led the Dawn Walk there for many years, but now also contribute to the Big Camp and will also be running an Artists’ Charcoal Day on 23rd June  (https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/events/3fec28d3-1cc9-46be-bbe7-cf4e24d01721/pages/details ) Should be a lovely day!

A favourite activity for me is helping run Duke of Edinburgh’s award expeditions for young people – this is a voluntary task I do as a warranted Explorer Scout Leader – but I’m seriously thinking of running such expeditions for adults: I’ve heard too many comments saying “I’d love to do that!” from Mums and Dads when picking up their kids! So, how about starting with a two day hike and overnight camp in our beautiful countryside? Just let me know of your interest and we’ll make it happen!!

Most bookings are still by request, and I do love these – they are bespoke and arranged to meet the desire of those attending. This Spring has seen some popular combinations of walking, nature, foraging and bushcraft as well as some specific birdsong i.d. walks, a seabird i.d. walk at Medmerry pool and a couple of interesting Therapy walks. If you have an idea for a walk or activity – be it navigation, deer watching or basic survival practise, then please drop me a line and we’ll chat!

As for my website plans, I’d like to start adding a few useful articles. These will mainly be inspired by conversations that we have had on our walks – for example, why male birds sing so much more than females; how gestation takes place in Roe deer and psychological effects of spending time in nature. I’m very happy to start sharing some of my wildfood techniques and recipes too!

I’m also going to start reviewing my favourite equipment and give some tips on using, making or maintaining it. How to gear up for everything from casual walks to full-on expeditions is a frequent topic of conversation!

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