Ode To Autumn

What a classic time of year! Keats was spot on with his Ode to Autumn: “Season of Mists and mellow fruitfulness”. Jonnie Taylor Countryside Walks and Activities have concentrated on the fruitfulness part by introducing participants to sloes, hips, haws, crab apples, greengage, rowan, elderberry, blackberries, sweet chestnut, hazel nut and beechmast. We have also been sampling late season sorrel (common and wood), plantain, dead nettle, garlic mustard, chickweed and (very early) cleavers! Autumn is also a time of plenty for the wild meat enthusiast: pheasant, partridge, goose, duck and (female) deer are in season to supplement the ever present woodpigeon, rabbit and squirrel. When possible, I do enjoy ending a good walk with a fry up with a “wild” flavour! Do get in touch if you’d like to join me!!

Highlight of my autumn for me was attending “Yestival” run by the “Say Yes More” tribe – to whom I am most privileged to belong!! This was a wonderful gathering of about 200 people who I can only describe as makers and shakers who want (everybody) to get the best out of life whilst still preserving our beautiful planet. I am truly inspired!

Coming up with Jonnie Taylor now we look forward to WINTER! Really?? Oh yes! The daylight length is shorter, but the scenery remains the same, the air is crisp and refreshing, the walks are warming and there are plenty of winter migrants to spot! There is also no better time to hone our firelighting skills!! Do please sign up on the website for a newsletter (I won’t bombard you!) and please give me a like on the facebook page! Many thanks! JT

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