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22/07 UPDATE: The following was written last week but the op is now done and recovery is in progress!

Happy Summer Solstice to one and all! The longest day and a time when nature is at its most abundant: the trees are all lush; the flowers abundant; insects plentiful by day and by night; lots of youngsters afoot: roe fawns, badger and fox cubs, stoat and weasel kits, bunnies; not to mention the myriad of fledgling birds about. The latter always good at confusing me with their variety of abstract calls – I’m pretty confident on bird songs and calls but have been caught out a few times by fledgelings!!

I was hoping that by the time I wrote this I would be “post op” and able to once again plan my Jonnie Taylor Walks and Activities with more certainty and confidence. However, this hope was shattered when, for the third time, my op was cancelled. It seems, tragically, that our trusted friend the NHS is operationally fractured, and the knock-on effect is hugely impactful and very frustrating to bear.

In the short term, I just wanted to thank you lovely lot for your patience and loyalty – I feel wretched but no-one complains, which is a huge relief! Some of you have been arranged, cancelled, uncancelled then cancelled again!! As circumstances continue to be SO uncertain, I’m not taking the chance of putting a date to anything right now and will wait until my op is actually DONE!

In the longer term, once I really am post-op, I will actually start to contact you all individually and will make sure that you can enjoy a fabulous experience as promised.…albeit a while ago!

I am always a huge advocate of accessing the great outdoors at any time, but particularly at times of high stress it can really aid in preserving a strong sense of wellbeing. I’ll be trying to enjoy partaking in a taste of my own medicine whilst all this sorts out. This afternoon I sought solace in finding a good walk with a viewpoint where I could sit and stare: I had great sightings of a fox cub trying to catch a dragonfly but best of all a sky with Swallows, House Martins and Swifts all at once – very uplifting! As mentioned in our last Father Nature podcast, I will be taking some short wanders at dusk as the crepuscular wildlife is so plentiful right now and I believe it’s really beneficial to embrace the “end of the day”. Do please have a listen and subscribe to the podcast by CLICKING HERE!

If you manage to get out in the evenings, look out for aerial bats and insects and mammals in the field margins. Also, take a torch and shine it into a water source – you’ll be amazed at the density of life right now! Listen for the dusk chorus and enjoy – it won’t last much longer! And just drink in that lovely summer air with the fragrance of honeysuckle and cut grass or hay! You’ll be pleased that you went out!!

Thanks again and best wishes!


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