Newsletter & Event – Ostara 2023

Each morning I am woken by a Great Tit hammering on our landing window – I don’t think he is harassing us for food but he sees his reflection as a potential threat!! That’s because it is breeding time for many of our native birds and the birdsong continues to increase in intensity – all to deter rival males and entice willing females! The first of our summer migrants have arrived – the Chiffchaffs, yet we still retain some migrant thrushes, the Redwings and Fieldfares, who are starting to practise their song  before heading far north to breeding sites in Scandinavia and Russia.

Some in the locality already have frogs spawn in their ponds; queen bumble bees are on the wing and the first fox cubs will soon be taking tentative steps outside their earths. A grand time of year!! I too have joined this “busy” scenario: planning and booking activities into the diary. As well as the usual birdsong and wildlife walks, bushcraft and foraging sessions, I have some “green retreats” planned: these will be run by myself and my foraging buddy, Paulo, who many of you may have met by now. We have use of the splendid Elfwoods – a remote site “in the middle of nowhere” near Rogate, West Sussex. More details will follow, but here is the flyer in case you want to book early – numbers are strictly limited! Contact me to reserve a place.

Many of you will have been following our Father Nature HQ podcast over the last couple of years and, if not, please check them out, we’ve had great feedback on how interesting and useful they have been to listeners. The last one probably was “the last one” (but maybe not!!!) because the three of us have increased our workloads – in my case, now my back is better, I intend to spend (even) more time at the rockface so to speak. Having said that, I will try to regularly post Father Nature type snippets on the website as these seem popular – more of a blog than a pod but hopefully still as interesting! So stay tuned and #enjoythenature .

The next astronomical event I like to celebrate is “Ostara” or “Eostre” (adopted by Christianity as Easter – but given rather different significance) In the Celtic tradition it marks the Spring Equinox and, for me, I observe that springtime is the most psychologically uplifting season for my fellow humans!!! Soon after this we have the start of “British Summer Time”, an unusual and outdated tradition but nonetheless we all feel grateful in perceiving a “longer” evening of daylight!! Perfect for getting out for an evening stroll!

Stay in touch folks, please subscribe to the newsletter. Lots of fun to be had this year – I hope you can join me!

Jonnie x

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