New Year 2021

Dear All,

Happy New Year to you and many, many thanks for purchasing gift vouchers for your Countryside activity with Jonnie Taylor. As you are only too well aware, we enter 2021 still unable to shrug off the wretched pandemic which is still wreaking havoc. I’m pinning my hopes that a little longer adhering to social isolation alongside the vaccination roll-out will see happier times ahead.

I plan ahead with optimism but acknowledge that it is very difficult to promise specific dates. I want to reassure you that there is no “use by” date for any vouchers sold (I still have a couple unused from Xmas 2019!!) everyone will get out and we’ll make up for lost time when given the green light! 

I’m asking you a favour to help me keep this promise: could you all go to my website and sign up to receive my newsletter? You can do this by clicking on this post and filling out your details in the Sign Up box to the right. And in addition to this, could you also ask you to let the recipients know that I’d love them to do the same in order to keep up with plans and projects? I promise not to shower you/them with junk and certainly won’t share any email addresses with anybody else. Many thanks for doing this!

My morning walk with the dog today was accompanied by Song Thrush, Robin, Dunnock and Coal Tit in full song; primroses are starting to flower and bulbs are showing through; there is even a pair of blue tits checking out a nest box in the garden! Springtime and lighter days are on their way! My little challenge to you is to go out and see if you can spot the beautiful little flowers of Hazel in amongst the catkins! Good luck!

Again, please sign up for the Newsletter and I really look forward to seeing you soon!


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