New Course – A Guide to Bird Song

Welcome to another update from Jonnie Taylor – and, as always, thank you for following! One of the most popular sessions that I run is the “Combi” hikes – these really are a combination of walking, natural history, farming, foraging, bushcraft and even a bit of cooking! All this get’s lumped into a 4 hour session that gets clients totally immersed in the countryside. Such walks make perfect birthday presents or thank you gifts – so please bear them in mind if you need something special.

You may have noticed the huge increase in birdsong activity since the Winter solstice – it is, of course, all about establishing territories and trying to secure a mate with whom to raise a clutch. Many of our resident birds begin pairing up around St Valentine’s Day which is delightfully appropriate!!

I love bird song and have studied it closely for many years – I even have a slightly geeky collection of vinyl, cassettes and cd’s dedicated to the subject! However, many people who I have walked with have expressed a real wish to learn more about it or feel frustrated at not being able to identify which bird is making what call! SO, I have devised a 4 stage “Guide to Bird Song” as one of my up-coming projects. I want this to be as accessible as possible so all four walks will be “local” ie in the Haslemere District; each will last 2 – 3 hours, so won’t take up a huge chunk of your weekend; and I’m asking just £20 per person or £70 if you book for all four walks!

The program will be as follows, with full details being issued when booking is confirmed:

18th March – Introduction approx 9am

23rd April – Dawn chorus – early!! (like, very early!!)

21st May – Dusk chorus, an evening walk

1st July – Something special t.b.a.

Numbers will be very limited because I feel passionately that each person will get my full attention and subsequently learn masses and, of course, enjoy themselves!! So, have a think and let me know – you can book by clicking on the buttons below:

Attend 1 to 3 Of The Events

Update the quantity of tickets on the next screen to pay for 1 to 3 events.

Attend All 4 Dates (£10 Off!)

Click this button to attend all the events and get £10 off the full price!

In winding up this newsletter, I’ve just strolled outside to have a peep at the night sky and have heard frogs croaking in the garden pond! Great news! There may just be cushions of spawn in the morning!!

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