Mistletoe. What, really?

 Photo 14-02-2015 12 25 05After last week’s mention of Valentine’s day, I want to use a seamless link of “kissing” to move on to mentioning Mistletoe! I can almost hear you all asking if my countryside calender is completely mixed up! No! My attention was drawn to some beautiful clumps of Mistletoe by the aptly names Mistle Thrush which was both singing strongly and feeding on remaining berries. Looking a bit closer, the ground beneath the trees was strewn with the whitish, almost opaque berries which are incredibly sticky.

Mistletoe is of course parasitic and relies on it’s host tree for water supply and most of it’s nutrition. There is a myriad of folk lore and medicinal qualities attributed to the mistletoe – it is a fascinating plant. I have tried many times to enable it to grow on our apple trees – but haven’t succeeded. I’ve scooped up a few berries to try again this year – so watch this space!

Spring is really gathering pace now: bird song is increasing, nest boxes are being visited and plants are starting to flower. It is a fine time to be out walking. Take a look at the website and see if there is anything appealing – if not, let me know your needs and I will see what I can conjure up.

Photo 14-02-2015 12 34 42I am planning to do a Mothering Sunday half day springtime walk on the 15th March in Surrey and, as it is a special day, I will make a special offer: pay for your walk and bring Mum for free! Please email me to secure a place as only 5 places are available!


Photo 14-02-2015 12 26 50

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