Exercise & Therapy Walks

If you are interested in any of the following walks, please send me an email with your walk requirements and I will reply with an itinerary and a guideline to costs.

Every walk is a bespoke adventure designed just for you!

Exercise Walks

Where? Surrey/Sussex/Hampshire.

There is no doubt that correct walking is a fantastic and adaptable form of exercise: it could be that you just want to tone up, you might wish to be losing weight, or maybe you are convalescing from an injury or illness. Accessing good walks in beautiful places will help keep you keen! This is a bespoke service that can be tailored to the individual or small group – just contact me and give me your requirements and we’ll make it happen!!

For a confidential, informal chat about how this could work for you, email me and I will arrange a time at your convenience to discuss this further.

Therapy Walks

Where? Surrey/Sussex/Hampshire.

I have been giving professional help to young people to help them find their way through life’s many challenges for 15 years – and this experience has shown me that adults frequently need this same service. A good walk in the countryside is the ideal place to talk, listen and plan your way to avoid, or get through, stressful circumstances. Clearly, a confidential and bespoke service matched to your needs, each walk is followed up with a written suggested plan of action.

For a confidential, informal chat about how this could work for you, email me and I will arrange a time at your convenience to discuss this further.

Virtually all the training I have done on mental health issues has focussed on those manifested in young people, adolescents and young adults. However, I soon learnt that whilst referral processes might differ, it is the same issues and disorders that can affect any age group. Coupled with this, I’m very well aware, through observation and practical experience, of how dealing with such complex issues can be hugely aided by a good dose of outdoor life and adventure! I have been fascinated by Ecopsychology for years – this is the study of the relationship between humans and nature – and I’m now wanting to use my knowledge and experience more within my work.

It’s actually common knowledge, and perhaps common sense, that getting out into the countryside increases general well-being, it reduces stress, improves sleep and increases the perception of happiness. It was at one time known as “Blowing the cobwebs away”!! We now find that society sadly boasts a near epidemic of mental health problems – as many as 1 in 4 of us are seeking therapy of some kind, and it’s thought that perhaps 2 of the remaining 3 would also benefit!! It’s terrifying!!

On the back of this there has been a huge rise in treatments, therapies and specialised drugs to help counter the problem. The real tragedy is that for most people a referral for counselling will come with a hideous delay/waiting list – I have been quoted 4 months by one organisation, and read that it can take up to year with the NHS! That’s dangerously inefficient! Alternative treatments are out there now and go by various different titles: Wilderness therapy; Adventure therapy; Nature Immersion; Walking therapy…. the list goes on. Call it what you will, these therapies work on very similar theories and seem to be having an incredible input into helping relieve anxiety and depression for those who suffer. Aligning ourselves with the natural world is beneficial to health: scientific fact!!

I’m a big fan of personal testimonies rather than throwing figures around, but, bear with me on just a few: the NHS spent £285 million on £61 million prescriptions for anti-depressants in 2015. This is a 100% rise in 10 years, and is rising by 7% per annum. Not only are more people suffering depression, but those people are living with it for longer: despite a recommendation of a maximum 2 years duration, many have “maintenance” treatment to prevent relapse. It’s easy to criticise the doctors, but, at this moment in time, they simply aren’t able to “prescribe” alternative therapies. This is SO wrong. Given that a combination of counselling, life coaching and cognitive behavioural therapy will accelerate healing (and indeed prevent mental health issues) the drug therapy could be slashed benefitting the NHS, overworked doctors and, most importantly, the patients themselves!

I have started a new course training with Way of Nature – based on the teachings of John P. Milton. There is a huge amount to learn but it is fascinating. There is much to do with taking an individual into the wilderness and stripping away any distractions from becoming “present”. For many, ordinary working life is claustrophobic and we battle on for so long that this claustrophobia becomes a tolerated default. However, once this happens, we literally become agoraphobic when placed in a wilderness type setting or even just being on our own! It’s strange that our “comfort zone” has become such an unhealthy one! I’ll keep you up to date with progress on this exciting course, but, in the meantime, if anyone feels they would benefit from joining me for a Therapy Walk, please get in touch.

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