A 2 Day Course In Making & Using Charcoal

Where is it? Based in a private woodland in Surrey.

Who’s it for? 

Charcoal camps doesn’t quite describe this adequately – I prefer to call the event “A Fascination for Fire!”. Yes, we will make charcoal together – which is both interesting and very useful – but we will also experiment with fire starting methods, burning techniques, cooking qualities, heating options, even metal smelting possibilities!

Whilst your charcoal is “cooking”, we aim to keep you busy and fascinated by the process on a smaller scale – you use the same principles to make batches of charcloth and artists’ charcoal sticks. All this is hungry work and it makes sense to hone our cooking skills over a variety of different open fires. Of course this also depends on what you like to eat and whether this should be cooked over ash, ember, grill or flame. We will do our best to present you with a wholesome and tasty meal and, wherever practical, will include a selection of wild and foraged foods.

These camps are held in privately owned woodlands and we can cater for your comfort even if you have no gear whatsoever of your own! 

Book A Charcoal Camp Experience

If you are interested in a charcoal camp experience, please send me an email with your requirements and I will reply with a bespoke itinerary and a guideline to costs.

Every activity is a bespoke adventure designed just for you!


Day 1

Day 2

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