Author: Jonnie Taylor

Newsletter Summer 2022

22/07 UPDATE: The following was written last week but the op is now done and recovery is in progress!

Happy Summer Solstice to one and all! The longest day and a time when nature is at its most abundant: the trees are all lush; the flowers abundant; insects plentiful by day and by night; lots of youngsters afoot: roe fawns, badger and fox cubs, stoat and weasel kits, bunnies; not to mention the myriad of fledgling birds about.

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Easter 2022 Newsletter

Hello Friends,

I hope that Spring has sprung with you all and that you have accessed the great outdoors to celebrate!

I was very happy to be featured in the local VantagePoint magazine last month – the pages are reproduced here for your interest.

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March 2022 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

March on the Weald clay can seem a long month – the soil remains wet and cold and correspondingly some of the spring growth (especially in the vegetable garden!) is a little behind our neighbours on the higher, drier and warmer Greensand.

Nonetheless, nature marches on, driven by the increased length of daylight and the birds are well into forming breeding pairs.

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New Year Newsletter 2022

Firstly a big welcome to 2022 and a big thank you for following Jonnie Taylor Walks and/or the Father Nature hq Podcast! I genuinely feel so lucky to be able to share my passion for the natural world and sustainable solutions with you all.

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Foraging Foray – October 16th

Our last foraging trip was a great success and really enjoyable experience – it was good to
note how many forageables are starting to ripen up for our preserves and pickles! Paulo will
again be joining me for our next Foraging Foray which will be on October 16th. For this we will
leave the Weald Clay and venture up to the drier Greensand of Blackdown where, hopefully,
we will manage to do some more Fungi identification! I really hope you can join us!

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Foraging Foray – 11th September

I’m happy to announce the date of our next foraging foray and even more so that we will once again be joined by my Mushroom Mentor Paulo! It has been a curious start to Autumn with quite cold temperatures and I have struggled to find much in the way of Fungi but there are a lot berries, seeds and nuts that will be in abundance for a while yet!

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St. Valentine’s Birdwatch

Here’s a unique gift for a loved one that will last longer than cut flowers and will be healthier than chocolate! Celebrate the day with a lovely walk to see how this date is so relevant for nature plus learn a few anecdotes about the history of this celebration!

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New Year 2021

Happy New Year to you and many, many thanks for purchasing gift vouchers for your Countryside activity with Jonnie Taylor. As you are only too well aware, we enter 2021 still unable to shrug off the wretched pandemic which is still wreaking havoc. I’m pinning my hopes that a little longer adhering to social isolation alongside the vaccination roll-out will see happier times ahead.

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